180_rgb_100Volunteer Centre Hull is part of Hull CVS. The Volunteer Centre provides a range of information and support for people who want to get involved in volunteering, as well as organisations which need to recruit volunteers.

The Volunteer Centre offers the following services:

  • Help to individuals to find volunteering opportunities that suit their circumstances and interests
  • Help to organisations on how to support and manage volunteers
  • Specialist training on good practice in volunteer management
  • A database of hundreds of opportunities available across Hull, along with access to the national volunteering website, www.do-it.org.uk
  • Promote and advocate for volunteering in Hull
  • Works in close partnership with public sector bodies, voluntary & community and private sector groups to develop local volunteering opportunities.
  • Acts as a broker for potential volunteers and volunteer involving organisations

Volunteer Centre Hull advises thousands of people each year who wish to find out about interesting and rewarding volunteering opportunities across Hull.

To find out more about volunteering and how Volunteer Centre Hull can help you simply call our Volunteer Centre Team on (01482) 324474, email vc@hull-cvs.co.uk, drop in to see us at The Strand, Beverley Road, Hull or log onto the national volunteering website www.do-it.org.uk

Our Services

Volunteer Centre Hull Drop-in – Open to the public Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am to 2pm.  Our friendly and experienced team of Volunteer Advisers are available to offer help and support searching for volunteering opportunities.  One to one confidential interviews are available if needed.

Employee Volunteering – Business/organisation group volunteering opportunities and promotion.

Volunteer Recruitment – Let us help you advertise your volunteering opportunities and attract people to become volunteers.

Volunteer Management Training – Provides training for volunteer involving organisations on volunteering related issues.

Young Adult Carers’ Project – Aims to support 16-25 year old Young Adult Carers’ with various aspects of their lives.

Hull Volunteering Strategy 2012 – 2015 – Launched on 6th June 2012 the vision of the strategy is to see Hull being a city where everyone feels inspired to volunteer, has the opportunity to do so, and has an excellent volunteering experience.

Useful Websites for Further Help and Information

Volunteering England

Volunteering England works to support and increase the quality, quantity, impact and accessibility of volunteering throughout England.

Volunteer Management Portal

Volunteering England’s Volunteer Management Portal acts as a gateway to the world of volunteer management with links to over a thousand resources and information on support, training and development opportunities for people managing volunteers.

Volunteering News


Volunteers needed – Marks and Spencer Collection Assistants

The Teenage Cancer Trust Yorkshire have been chosen as the charity of the year for Marks and Spencer Beverly store – join the team to help make the most of this amazing fundraising opportunity


Hull Street Angels Trinity Volunteers Needed

Hull Street Angels Trinity provides a safe place and safe people for those who become vulnerable in any way in the Trinity Quarter area of Hull on a weekend night between 9pm – 2am.

They are looking for volunteers to help others out on a Friday or Saturday night in the city centre, providing first aid, hydration, flip flops, support and signposting, working with a number of agencies to keep people safe.